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6 Secrets in Sussex

Posted 08 Sep 2023

Sussex is one of our favourite places to cycle and is filled with countless secrets to uncover. The region has it all, from picturesque beaches and bustling seaside resorts to rolling green hills and charming rural villages. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder Sussex is a firm favourite amongst our clients. Below you’ll find six of our favourite secrets in Sussex.

Our tours here show you the very best of seaside Britain and offer you the chance to explore the rich coastal traditions seen in the architecture and cuisine. Whilst cycling, you’re sure to come across fascinating and beautiful experiences. Read on for more.

1| Bishops Palace Gardens, Chichester

Chichester is one of Sussex’s most vibrant cultural centres, filled with charming shops and cafes as well as plenty of seafood restaurants. However, there is a slice of tranquillity nestled away here, that not many know about. The Bishop’s Palace Gardens is located behind the beautiful Chichester Cathedral and is the perfect place for a picnic and a stroll.

Dating back to almost a thousand years ago, the gardens have recently undergone a refurbishment, adding a pergola walkway, water features, as well as wildlife-friendly areas. Grab a delicious sandwich in the town and make your way over to the gardens, where you can bask in the colourful atmosphere. You’ll have the chance to visit here on day three of our Sussex Beach Break tour.

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Bishops Palace Gardens, Chichester

2 | Fossils in Littlehampton

Littlehampton is a charming and quirky seaside town. Rising to prominence as a resort destination in the 19th century, there’s a rich history of leisure to discover here. With interesting and unique architecture, including Britain’s longest bench and a café designed to look like flotsam, there are plenty of interesting sights. However, not many know that the beaches here contain secret treasures.

The flint found on Littlehampton’s beaches is filled with remains from more primordial times, featuring ammonites, trilobites and countless more specimens. The museums in Littlehampton have countless finds on show, showcasing the rich prehistoric history of its coast. One of the six secrets of Sussex, take a moment to wonder about the beach when cycling here. 

Fossils in Littlehampton

3 | Supernatural Events

In a region as old as Sussex, there are bound to be stories and tales that have stood the test of time. One such is the haunting by Anne Pritchard Sergison, ‘Wicked Dame Sergison’. Before her death around the turn of the 19th century, she was known as a vindictive and foul-tempered landlady who often bullied the local population. Her ghost is now said to roam Cuckfield, scaring visitors. Be sure to keep an eye out for the wicked dame when visiting here.

Another spooky phenomenon can be found in Ockenden Manor, where a ‘Geranium Jane’ is said to waft the smell of geraniums throughout the manor. Meeting an untimely end by a scorned lover, a geranium flower pot thrown at her was reportedly the cause. Whether it’s the ominous workings of a spirit or a coincidental gust of wind. Try and find this botanical, and delightfully aromatic, spirit whilst on our Ockenden Manor cycling holiday.

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Supernatural Events

4 | Dolphin Spotting

As a coastal region, there’s ample opportunity to see some other visitors to the English Channel – dolphins! You may be lucky enough to see these graceful swimmers from a vantage point on the coast. Many don’t think to look out for dolphins, as we often associate them with more far-off and exotic locations. Although rare, take it as a sign of good luck if you do happen to spot a pod!

Our Sussex Beach Break tour is a perfect choice for those who want to go out and search for the dolphins themselves on a boat tour. As each cycle ride is optional, you may decide to head off on the waves, searching for these elusive ocean travellers. Bottlenose dolphins visit the Channel from May to September, meaning there’s a chance to see them on our tours whenever you choose to travel.

Dolphin Spotting in Sussex

5 | Paddle Boarding on the Adur

As you cycle past the Adur River on our Sussex tours, the chances are you’ll feel it’s inviting pull for you to take a dip. Its waters are idyllic, featuring the occasional family of ducklings, the flash of blue of a kingfisher, and the humming of dragonfly wings. This is what makes it a fantastic place for paddleboarding.

At first, it can appear daunting, but even those with less reliable joints will find they can conquer the board and stand up. Paddleboarding can be the perfect mid-day activity whilst the sun is shining, as the waters are all too refreshing, especially if you ‘accidentally’ fall in and cool off. Paddle along this tranquil river on your leisurely holiday, rewarding yourself with a delightful drink before heading out in the afternoon.

Paddle Boarding on the Adur

6 | Sussex Sparkles

Although not necessarily a secret, we believe not enough people know how delicious Sussex sparkling wine is. The chalky soil means it’s perfect for the production of bubbles in the wine, growing grapes with higher acidity which is an important factor to achieve a sparkle. The region actually sits on the same chalk bed as the famous Champagne region, and many wine competitions have seen the English sparkling beat the French bottles.

To experience Sussex wine for yourself, a tour and tasting at Ridgeview is a must when visiting. You’ll learn all about the winemaking process, the history of viticulture in England, and how British wines are leading the way for sustainability. You can visit this trailblazing winery on day two of our Sparkling Sussex e-bike tour.

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Sussex Sparkles

For more information on Sussex, call our cycling experts today. Alternatively, you can view our Sussex cycling holidays here.

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