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Benefits of Electric Bikes

Posted 10 Dec 2022

Enjoy the benefits of electric bikes on your next cycling holiday. E-bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years with many cyclists adopting e-bikes over normal bicycles. There is an option on almost all our holidays to upgrade to an e-bike, which means they aren’t limited to experienced or fit cyclists. For those of you wondering what is an e-bike and why you should use one over a standard bike, our cycling experts explain the benefits below.

What is an e-bike?

E-bikes are electric bicycles with a battery-powered assist that you can activate while pedalling. This means when you're ascending a hill or when your legs grow weary, a small motor springs into action to give you an extra boost. One of our favourite benefits of electric bikes, this really takes any strain out of cycling.

What are the benefits of electric bikes?

The pedal assist will help you up inclines without you furiously pedalling or getting hot and bothered in the process. The assistance will reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs, as well as enabling you to ride for longer and appreciate the stunning views.

Thanks to the technology over the years, you can barely tell the difference between an e-bike and a normal bike. The only give-away is a slight hum, or that you are overtaking everyone with ease! Perhaps one of the best benefits of electric bikes is how fun they are! Whizzing through the countryside, you'll travel further and faster, allowing you up to see more of the region.

E-bikes are an eco-friendly option as they emit less pollution per mile than motorbikes and cars. The battery can last between 35 and 100 miles before it needs charging, depending on the size of the battery, setting – can be eco or turbo – and terrain. This benefit of electric bikes is one of our favourites, continuing the tradition of cycling as a sustainable activity. 

Benefits of electric bikes

Using an electric bike on our holidays

Our Softies’ cycling holidays in France and Italy are created around sublime views, historical sights, regional cuisine and fine wines, with your bicycle being your mode of transport. We avoid steep hills and mountains, instead opting for quaint villages, river paths and pedalling through vineyards.

Tried and tested

Our cycling experts have spent time getting to know our routes and trek e-bikes, which are now available on some of our cycling holidays in Europe.

We have been providing e-bikes on our holidays for over four years now. The best thing about them is how they open up an active holiday to almost anybody.” – Steven, Head of Cycling

Our new Grand Tour of Tuscany e-bike holiday is a wonderful option when visiting hill-top towns, cypress-lined Roman roads and the wineries of Montalcino and Montepulciano. With an e-bike, you can cruise over hills and reach up to 30km/hour on flat roads without breaking a sweat.

Benefits of electric bikes

Fresh air and exercise

Riding an e-bike isn't all about kicking back and letting the motor do all the work; it's still a surprisingly good form of exercise. Despite e-bikes making cycling easier, you’re still exercising and getting fresh air. The bike’s motor only provides electronic assistance, so you are still required to pedal. If you’re finding your cycle too easy, you can turn the assistance off to give yourself more of a challenge. One of the key benefits of electric bikes is they can improve your fitness while enabling you to cover further distances.

My trip to Provence was made easy thanks to the e-bike. The slightly hilly terrain didn’t faze me and I was still getting good exercise!” – Marton, Cycling Expert

Enjoy the scenery

We want you to enjoy every aspect of your cycling holiday with us, which includes taking in the beautiful scenery and stopping when and where you like to walk around. One of the benefits of electric bikes is that cycling on an e-bike lets you do this without being exhausted at each stop.

I was sceptical of e-bikes in the past. I have now tried them a couple of times and I’m a complete convert! My favourite aspect is that you can cover more distance and enjoy the views instead of concentrating on pedalling.” – George, Cycling Expert

Benefits of electric bikes

Our favourite e-bike tours


Spectacular scenery, rich history, delicious food and wine make Provence a great all-round choice. Thanks to the e-bikes, the route is leisurely and the help on hand makes getting to the hilltop towns of Roussillon and Baux-de-Provence easy. Easily one of the best benefits of electric bikes, the most beautiful towns in Provence are yours to explore.

View our Provencal Discovery tour here


Our cycle routes in the Loire are mostly flat and along quiet river paths. When coupled with an e-bike, it makes for one of the most relaxing cycling holidays on offer. Travel further with ease and explore even more of the châteaux and award-winning vineyards.

View our Loire Valley Discovery tour here


A gourmet tour through quiet valleys; Umbria rivals Tuscany’s charm as more of a hidden gem. Enjoy fabulous cuisine and lovely cycling along the ancient Via Flaminia that dates back to the Roman Empire; some of the best benefits of electric bikes.

View the Umbrian Experience tour here

Tell me more about e-bikes...

Is an e-bike right for me?

E-bikes are great for building confidence in less experienced riders, and even keen cyclists can enjoy the benefit - because cycling shouldn’t always be about working hard. They’re an eco-friendly way to travel and explore the area, whatever your fitness is.

Will the battery last the day?

An e-bike’s range will depend on the terrain and the way the assistance is used. Our models come with the biggest available Bosch batteries, which can last up to 140km. We’ll provide chargers to top up your battery overnight.

Are they heavy?

E-bikes will always be a little heavier than an equivalent bike without a motor, but the difference is getting smaller. The extra weight is negated by the assistance on offer, you won’t notice the weight in use and it certainly won’t slow you down.

Our cycling experts can help advise you further on the benefits of electric bikes, with the option to add them on almost all our holidays. See our e-bike holidays here, or call 0203 944 2157 to speak to our experts.

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