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Alsace Cycling Routes

Posted 08 Jul 2022

Experience the Softies Alsace cycling routes. The Alsace is one of the most unique regions of France. Marrying the French and German cultures beautifully, this famous winemaking land is perfect to explore by bike. Our Alsace cycling routes take you along the iconic Route du Vin, through sprawling vineyards and charming, colourful towns. Cycle along peaceful canals and find yourself at the perfect picnic location where you can enjoy the bounty you found at the local farmer’s markets. The Alsace cycling routes are an adventure into a historic past. The gentle cycle lanes and friendly culture make this region one of our favourite holiday destinations.

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Alsace cycling routes

Wonderful Cycling

The Route du Vin is the most famous wine tour in France. All along the route, you’ll find both large and small winemakers where a tasting is all but compulsory. Ideal for cyclists who prefer a more leisurely attitude to their adventures, Alsace has some of the easiest pedalling in France. Meander along as you take in the beautiful views of the countryside. Every corner hides a potential picnic spot, perhaps where you open the wine you just bought from the vineyard down the road.

Our favourite parts of the Alsace cycling routes are when a beautiful vista opens up before you. The towns and Alsatian villages are often hugged by a mosaic of vineyards, creating wide-open scenes. The colourful buildings can be seen rising out of the vineyards like flowers when on the Alsace cycling routes. Experience some of the most picturesque countryside in Europe.

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Alsace cycling routes

Fascinating History

The region has been a crossroads of history for hundreds of years. Countless armies have crossed these lands, as Alsace routinely fell under different powers. Alsace was even the leading cause for the Franco-Prussian war of the late 1800s, where the region fell under German rule for the next half-century. This constant influx of cultures has led to a unique and fascinating atmosphere that combines the best of both French and German traditions. There’s always a fascinating story on the Alsace cycling routes.

Although French is widely spoken, many Alsatians have a distinct German influence in their accents. Paired with the architecture, names, and foods in the towns, this creates a truly unique scene. The Alsace cycling routes showcase this marriage wonderfully, as you’ll have the chance to explore the region at your own pace.

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Alsace cycling routes

Delicious Food

Alsace brings you classic German dishes created with a French passion for food. The culinary marriage provides some of the most exciting experiences on the Alsace cycling routes. One of our favourite aspects of the cuisine here is its focus on conviviality; the dishes are designed to be enjoyed in large groups drinking beer and wine together. With a host of unique and rare dishes found nowhere else in France, there’s certainly enough to discuss when eating here.

Some specialities to look out for on the Alsace cycling routes includes the famous choucroute. You’ll most likely recognise a variation of this dish as Sauerkraut, but in Alsace, they add French flare. As pork is beloved in the region, the cabbage is made with a selection of salty and delicious meats that pair perfectly with both local wine and beer. The second most popular dish is baeckeoffe, a delicious casserole consisting of sliced potatoes, onions, mutton, beef and pork. What makes this truly delicious is the meat marinated in Alsatian white wine with juniper berries overnight. A gastronomic journey, these are some of the savoury dishes to look out for on the Alsace cycling routes.

There are also many delicious, sweet dishes to taste here as well. Gugelhupf is a traditional cake that can be recognised by its unique shape; the top features a chimney-like appearance. You can find three delicious variants of this cake: chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. Boasting a moist and bouncy bake, cake lovers should take note. Perhaps one of the most bizarre deserts you can find on the Alsace cycling routes is the Mont Blanc. Chestnut puree made into vermicelli pasta and topped with whipped cream, this dish resembles the famous peak in the Alps.

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Food on the Alsace cycling routes

World-Class Wine

Alsace has been producing wines for thousands of years. The most notable of these is the dry Riesling. Sharing the same grape varieties with German wines, you may think Alsatian vintages are more German than French. However, Alsace somewhat finds itself different to both France and Germany with their dry wines. One of the reasons the wine here is dry is that it’s meant to be paired with food. Not many wine regions have this food-first mentality, making Alsace very unique.

Thanks to the mountains in the west and the Rhine to the east, vineyards flourish under a temperate climate influenced by these features. Another of the main features of the wine you’ll find on the Alsace cycling routes is its aromatic nature. This truly sets them apart from other French wines, giving a sweet and floral experience with every sip.

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Riesling Alsace cycling routes

Colourful Towns

One of the most notable things about the region is the way houses are built here. Walking through the streets is a rainbow of colour. Brightly painted houses contrast with the dark wood timber beams, creating a photographic setting everywhere you look. The Alsatians are also notoriously green-fingered, with blooming flower pots hung everywhere they can be. After a day pedalling on the Alsace cycling routes, there’s nothing better than a sunset stroll along the canals as the golden light makes the town glow in every colour.

By far the town with the best reputation for its colourful architecture is Colmar. On day 7 of our Alsace Route du Vin tour, you’ll have the chance to explore this beautiful town for yourself. Although you can find colourful buildings in other places on this tour, such as Ribeauville and Kientzheim, Colmar is bursting with them. With restaurants and cafes scattered throughout as well, a wander through the streets here is one of our favourite activities on our Alsace cycling routes.

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Towns on the Alsace cycling routes

For more recommendations on Alsace cycling routes, give us a call on 020 7471 7760, or alternatively, view our Alsace cycling holidays here.

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