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Three Views in South Tyrol

Posted 11 Mar 2024

Hidden within the northern part of Italy, South Tyrol lies at the foot of the majestic Dolomites Mountain range. Sharing a border with both Austria and Switzerland, this region is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, stunning vistas and diverse perspectives. Enlaced with Germanic, Swiss, Austrian and Ladin influences, South Tyrol represents a beautiful fabric of languages, traditions and histories.

South Tyrol not only has spectacular cultural variation but the land itself is full of striking contrasts as the mountains soar over crumbling castles, cliff-clinging vineyards and mirror-still lakes. Picture-perfect natural wonders are hidden amid the peaks and valleys of the Italian Alps waiting to be discovered. On well-maintained cycle paths that snake through the valleys, you’ll experience the serene Mediterranean beauty and rustic Alpine charm that is unlike anywhere else in the world. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled four jaw-dropping sights to be marvelled at in South Tyrol.

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South Tyrol

Enchanting Mountain Scenery

Arguably one of the most captivating characteristics of South Tyrol is its mountainous geography which stands as a backdrop of silver peaks reaching for the sky. One of the most famous mountain ranges in Europe, The Dolomites stand demanding to be seen. The range consists of an impressive number of peaks, 18 of which rise higher than 10,000 feet. In 2009, The Dolomites Mountains were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their exceptional natural beauty, unique geological features and rich biodiversity. The mountains are formed by light-grey coloured dolomitic limestone which over time has eroded, carving the rock into unique landforms with saw-edged ridges, rocky pinnacles and deep gorges. These jagged faces create one of the most beautifully enchanting views ever seen. Flocks of tourists fly into Italy from all over the world just to see this treasured sight. As the seasons change, they evolve from snow-blanketed valleys, which make up the world's largest and eye-capturing ski resort, to a series of dusty grey spires which shine golden as the sun sets. Cycle paths wind through beautiful towns and lakes which fall at the foot of these summits, allowing you to pedal alongside these silver spires and grab a bite to eat or drink against the most divine background.

The Dolomites are also steeped in cultural heritage, being home to various traditional communities with their own languages and customs. Many historic villages have shaped the rock face through human activity including agriculture, mining and tourism. With irreplaceable natural and cultural heritage, these mountains remain a powerful sight to be appreciated by all.

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The Dolomites

Delicious Winescapes

Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine is said to have been particularly kind to South Tyrol with hundreds of hectares of juicy grape vines climbing the steep mountain slopes. These high-elevated vineyards reap the rewards from sun-lit days and cool nights producing some of the highest-regarded wines in the world. Enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine each year, the emerald wines shine warm and gold against the blue-tinged landscape. An amazing cycling infrastructure allows you to cycle from one wine village to the next, the ride is spectacular and the wine even more so.

The Caldaro Vineyards are well-known for their delicious Alto Adige wines whose vines are pampered by the Mediterranean sun, grown in the Alpine landscape and prepared by experienced winemakers. The people of Caldaro care very deeply about their self-grown wine which has become a fundamental part of their culture and livelihoods. Life has revolved around wine for centuries with proof of the community’s dedication to winegrowing seen in the many stately manors, old cellars and generations of winemaking families. Events are even organised to celebrate this glowing winescape with local public holidays called “Caldaro Wine Days” and a wine festival being held every year. Here the vines crawl up the mountain from the shores of Lake Caldaro where they bathe in the sun. The mild temperatures make this area ideal for producing the famous Alto Adige wines with 756 hectares divided into 399 hectares of white wine vines and 357 hectares of red wine vines. Make sure to get a taste of these cherished wines in the very place where they are produced.

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Glass Glacier Lakes

Across South Tyrol, glacier lakes were formed millenia ago after the melting of ancient glaciers left many pristine bodies of water. Nestled within the dramatic scenery of the Dolomites, these lakes offer breathtaking views across their glass-like surface. On a clear day, the water will paint a mirror image of the wonders above making it hard to distinguish the lake from the sky. On our South Tyrol, Lake Garda & Verona cycling tour, pedal the shores of Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda. Here the mountains of the Northern Alps tumble down to the crystal-clear water's edge, framing a magnificent scene. Due to the mild climate around Lake Garda, lush Mediterranean vegetation such as olive trees, oleanders, magnolias and lemon groves thrive on its shores. Surrounded by many charming medieval villages, Lake Garda tells of Italy’s rich history. In the beautiful lake-side town of Riva del Garda lies a delightful medieval old town characterised by narrow cobblestone streets, historic buildings and bustling piazzas. Visitors can also stroll along its stunning waterfront promenade where locals gather to socialise and enjoy the sunset across the panoramic views of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda

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