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Best Easy Cycling Routes in Europe

Posted 21 Oct 2021

We have cherry-picked the best easy cycling routes in Europe and the UK for you. These easy cycling routes offer a variety of flat cycle paths, plenty of fascinating villages and towns to stop in and virtually traffic-free roads.

Whether you’re a novice cyclist, haven’t ridden a bike for years or just don’t want to work up too much of a sweat, these easy cycling routes are perfect for you. We’ve factored in plenty of time for a mid-morning coffee, leisurely lunches, wine tasting and for you to admire the region’s renowned sights. Read on for the best flat cycle routes in Europe and the UK.

Loire, France

The Loire Valley in France is home to some of the best easy cycling routes in Europe and is our favourite choice for a flat cycling holiday. Pedal at your own pace along the Loire and Vienne rivers to incredible châteaux and vineyards that produce delicious white wines. After learning about the grapes and their production, taste the cool, crisp wine on the terrace.

Our Loire cycling holidays can be spent at a luxurious single centre hotel, so you can really get to know the area. Or, make your own way on a self-guided cycling tour. We transport your bags to the next hotel, so you can take your time weaving between towns and châteaux. Want to see more of the region? Our e-bike tours help you to travel for longer and see much more, thanks to the power-assisted boost. The Loire is a great option if you are looking for flat cycle routes, suitable for the whole family.

View our Loire Valley cycling holidays here

The Loire, France tour is one of the Best Easy Routes In Europe.

South Tyrol, Italy

Filled with plenty of easy cycling routes and flat cycle paths, we’re delighted to add this stunning region to our cycling holidays in Italy. It’s a spectacular area, and the well-maintained cycle routes are predominantly downhill. As you pootle down through the Adige valley, a tail wind behind you will make pedalling even easier. Stop at the Caldaro vineyards for a wine tasting, followed by lunch of the local risotto all’Amarone that is made with the local red wine.

Arriving into the glamorous Lake Garda, spend some time wandering around this chic Italian lakeside town. Popular with celebrities and Italy’s elite, unwind by the shores and indulge in the thermal baths. Or, you can continue to romantic Verona. Both options are equally as appealing in our opinion!

View our South Tyrol cycling holidays here

The South Tyrol, Italy tour is one of the Best Easy Routes In Europe.

Provence, France

France’s cycling heartland, it caters for all types of cyclists. The leisurely cyclists that want to take their time between the countless sights and stunning vistas. Foodies that want to satisfy their hunger, starting with aioli garni and tapenade made from local olives and followed up with a tasty ratatouille or a bowl of fresh mussels. Wine enthusiasts are well catered for too, with the reputable Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Mazan vineyards nearby. The only problem you may encounter is which wine to choose.

If you tick all those boxes, why not extend a week-long trip and travel through the region by e-bike. You won’t even notice the extra juice from the bike or how the miles are flying by as you immerse yourself in this beautiful Mediterranean region in France.

View our Provence cycling holidays here

Best easy cycling routes in Europe

Tuscany, Italy

Although Tuscany is inherently hilly, your e-bike is your savoir! Making pedalling a joy, the power-assisted boost will make you feel as though any hill is conquerable. As you engage the boost, the three settings will give a varying amount of power. This allows you to pedal for longer and cover more distances as well as giving you a helping hand on the ascents.

Roll into the walled hilltop towns with an air of class and ease, saving your energy for visiting the countless impressive landmarks. With all the miles you will have covered, the delicious Tuscan cuisine and famed Chianti wine awaits you at the end of the day. Unwind in character-filled hotels or an agriturismo, before dining alfresco and discussing your newfound love for e-bikes with your travel companions!

View our Tuscany cycling holidays here

Best easy cycling routes in Europe

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux’s renowned name (and wine) really speaks for itself. The city and its surrounds offer some of the best wine in the world, whether it’s the right or left bank, you can’t go thirsty. Arriving into the city, pick up your bikes and pedal around the bike-friendly city. Thanks to its wide boulevards, river-side paths and patient drivers, you’d be surprised you’re in the heart of the fourth largest French city.

One of the best easy cycling routes in Europe is along the coast from classy Arcachon to Europe’s largest dune. Pedalling through the fragrant pine forests and along the pretty coast, you will have a refreshing breeze. Park your bike at the foot of Dune du Pilat and climb the steps for incredible views over the Atlantic.

View our Bordeaux cycling holidays

Arcachon, one of the best easy cycling routes in Europe

Cotswolds, UK

The Cotswolds has some of the best flat cycling holidays in the UK. The beautiful English countryside is considered a bit of a hidden gem amongst cyclists who want an easy route. You will meander through low traffic country lanes, wandering streams and lovely quaint villages. In addition, there are fantastic local pubs along the way to visit on your ride.

It’s a fantastic destination to admire the wide-open spaces of greenery and take in some fresh air away from the city life. At each stop, you can explore local farm shops and cute tearooms. It’s the perfect place to unwind with the best wine, boutique spa accommodation and gourmet dining. One of the most relaxing rides you can book.

View our Cotswolds cycling holidays

The Cotswolds tour is one of the Best Easy Cycling Routes in Europe.

Sussex, UK

If you want a great flat cycling holiday in the UK, look no further than Sussex. It is packed full of fantastic cycling that includes the 100 mile South Downs way bike ride and the Cuckoo Trail. Along the routes are mainly flat cycle paths with incredible scenery. The South Downs cycle paths in particular are wide-open, not crowded and well marked.

You can admire the amazing Seven Sisters from the delightful seafront. This classic British rural area has fantastic beaches and seaside towns to visit during your stay. In addition, there are excellent vineyards that produce some of the best wine in the UK. The sparkling white in particular is making waves across the world and rivalling the iconic Champagne variety.

View our Sussex cycling holidays

The Sussex tour is one of the Best Easy Cycling Routes in Europe.

Are you looking for flat cycling holidays? For more information about the best easy cycling routes in Europe, please call 0207 471 7760. We'll help you find the best easy cycling holidays.

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