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Best Time to Go Cycling in the UK

Posted 07 Aug 2023

The UK is a fantastic place to have a cycling adventure, with wooded bridle paths which take you to ancient castles and cobblestone towns. Known for its history, every village in Britain has its own sights to see, from Roman ruins to grand manors. With so much to see, it can be hard to know when the best time to go cycling in the UK is. That’s why we’ve created this guide, showcasing all the benefits that spring, summer, and autumn cycling in the UK provide.

Best time to go cycling in the UK


The UK in spring is wonderful to experience. This is the time of year when everything seems to wake up from the winter lull; the trees are producing new leaves, flowers spring up anywhere they can, and the sun finally begins to shine. If you feel like you’ve been cooped up all winter, spring is definitely the best time to go cycling in the UK. The freedom and peace you’ll experience is second to none, as you realise you can enjoy the outdoors again, without worrying if it’s freezing outside.

One of the most unique and beautiful events, only seen in the UK, is the bluebell bloom. The vast majority of the world’s bluebell population can be found in England, meaning it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. In April, every inch of the forest floor is swathed in lilac blooms, creating a magical carpet. As you cycle along bridle paths through woods, the bluebells bloom in such volume that it looks as if a purple mist has settled on the ground. One of the best places to see this phenomenon is Sussex, where the gentle weather and bountiful woodland create one of the largest blooms in Britain. Many places here are even named after the phenomenon, including vineyards you can visit for a tour and tasting.

On our single-centre cycling tour, Ockenden Manor, you’ll have the chance to experience this natural event. Staying in the same hotel throughout the tour, cycle out each day to explore the gorgeous Sussex countryside. One round trip includes a visit to the historic Bluebell Railway, a preserved stretch of Victorian railway where you can even enjoy a ride on a steam train, soaking in the vintage charm.

View our Ockenden Manor holiday



The summer is when the UK truly shines. The weather is glorious, and the whole country celebrates the longer days in the sun. August in particular is known for its warm days, perfect for cycling. In the summer, there are no bad choices when it comes to picking a destination, as almost every region in the UK shines at this time of year. Enjoy a leisurely ride through peaceful woods beneath dappled sunlight, pedalling onwards to market towns brimming with history.

Summer can be the best time to go cycling in the UK, especially when visiting the seaside. Britain has a fantastic seaside culture, with many towns built upon the tourism the sea provides. Enjoy classics like soft-whipped ice cream, exciting game arcades, and picturesque harbour views. Experience all this on our Sussex Beach Break cycling tour. On this holiday, cycle to the vibrant seaside town of Chichester, an example of coastal Britain at its finest. Another point of interest on this tour is the magnificent Arundel Castle, sitting majestically above the River Arun.

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Sussex dunes

In the Cotswolds, summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy one of the many spas in the region. Since Roman times, and maybe even before then, this area was known for its healing springs and rejuvenating environment; the major city is even named after a Roman activity dedicated to this – Bath! As such, there are spas aplenty here. On our indulgent single-centre tour, Cotswolds Country Escape, you’ll be staying in the idyllic Barnsley House. In this beautiful hotel, you’ll find a spa packed full of blissful treatments. The gardens also contribute to the peaceful atmosphere, with meticulously grown flower beds and a crown of wisteria that hugs the hotel.

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Best time to go cycling in the UK


The UK is awash with colours in the autumn when trees begin to showcase vibrant hues of gold, orange, and red. As a result, it can be the best time to go cycling in the UK. The weather this time of year is often mild, characterised by adventures in the fresh air during the day and cosy evenings with a glass of wine in hand. Autumn is all about gentle days in the saddle, appreciating the more mellow time of year after many of the school holidays have finished.

This time of year is also when the Cotswolds is at its most beautiful. Already the most beautiful rural area of England, in autumn it shines. The buildings and villages are made from golden stones which glow at sunset, and paired with the vibrant colours of the trees it’s a spectacular sight. The many pubs in the region are also the perfect place to frequent in the evenings after a day of cycling, where both the atmosphere and the beer is deliciously warm.

Our cycling holiday, Grand Tour of The Cotswolds, is the perfect way to experience autumn in the region. Embark on a leisurely adventure through this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, visiting peaceful, ancient towns and experiencing the breathtaking rural scenes. As you cycle along gentle and wooded paths, your view will suddenly open out onto a landscape of rolling hills, crisscrossed by stone border walls which have stood there for longer than people can remember. The charm in this region can be found around every corner, from the friendliness of the locals to the delicious and traditional treats you can find in many farmer’s markets. Proud of its rural heritage, the Cotswolds is known for its high-quality goods which your friends and family will delight in receiving as gifts when you return.

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Cotswolds in autumn

For more information on when the best time to go cycling in the UK is, call our cycle experts today. Alternatively, you can view our UK cycling holidays here.

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