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Best Cycling Holidays for Singles

Posted 18 Sep 2023

Travelling by yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience. For some, it can seem a daunting challenge to come out of your shell, whilst others see it as a breath of fresh air. Either way, going on a solo cycling trip is fantastic, exploring new areas and meeting like-minded people on the same journey you’re on. That’s why we’ve created this list; our best cycling holidays for singles.

Escape to the wine regions of Europe and experience gourmet food, delicious wine, and vibrant cultures. Travelling by yourself has many benefits: you’re free to explore on your own terms, and often waiters and bar staff are much friendlier to you as they make sure you’re having a lovely visit. As such, here are our best cycling holidays for single travellers.

Châteaux of the Loire

One of the best cycling holidays for solo travellers is our Châteaux of the Loire tour. Embark on a leisurely adventure through the most historically beautiful and elegant region of France. What makes the Loire so unique are the countless châteaux that have sprung up throughout the valley. Whilst cycling here, we highly recommend you stop off at each one and learn all about the fascinating history.

What makes this tour brilliant for solo travellers is that you can feel free to explore to your heart’s content without worrying about other members of the group wanting to head off; history lovers will truly be treated when visiting this region. Learn all about how Château d'Ussé inspired the tale of Sleeping Beauty, or how the kings of England actually had their headquarters in the Loire for hundreds of years.

View our Châteaux of the Loire holiday

Chateaux of the Loire

Grand Tour of Tuscany

An Italian adventure through the gorgeous region of Tuscany is probably at the top of most solo travellers’ lists. There’s so much romance and intrigue sewn into the atmosphere of the region that has captivated the hearts of minds of all who have visited. The food, the culture, the history and the people have made Tuscany one of the top destinations in Europe. It’s also one of the best for a leisurely cycle adventure.

Our Grand Tour of Tuscany is one of our best cycling holidays for single travellers as it takes you on a journey of the senses. Tuscan food is truly excellent, even for Italian-high standards, and there are so many dishes for you to taste. From five-course dinners to simple sandwiches, almost everything made here is delicious, thanks in part to the always-fresh produce; much on your plate will only have been harvested a valley away.

View our Grand Tour of Tuscany holiday

Grand Tour of Tuscany

Cotswolds Country Escape

Sometimes a weekend away in the countryside by yourself is exactly what you need. The calming environment and rural charm that the Cotswolds provides is exactly why our Cotswolds Country Escape tour is one of our best cycling holidays for single travellers. Staying in the lovely Barnsley House, you’ll feel wonderfully refreshed - especially thanks to their spa. The grounds of the manor are also wonderful to explore, with gorgeous flower beds and songbirds flittering above.

The hotel is not the only part of this trip which offers delights to solo travellers, the cycling route takes you through England’s most beautiful slice of rural heaven. The towns are as delightful as their names, featuring Bourton-on-the-Water and Coln St. Aldwyns as examples. Gentle streams run under idyllic bridges and past cottage gardens to create a fairy-tale scene. Solo travellers can’t help but stop and take it all in.

View our Cotswolds Country Escape holiday

Cotswolds Country Escape

Bike & Boat Holidays

If you’re a solo traveller looking to meet like-minded cyclists, then look no further than our Bike & Boat holidays. Staying on a boat, you’ll wake up each morning to a new location for you to explore via cycling, alongside your fellow ship-mates. This is a fantastic way to both see a region and meet others on your travels.

Our Venice & Mantua cycling holiday takes you to Italy’s most artistic cities where culture has flourished for hundreds of years. The world’s most famous operas, paintings, and architecture come from the Veneto region, and you’ll get to experience all of this on a leisurely cycle adventure.

View our Venice & Mantua holiday

Venice and Mantua

Another Bike & Boat holiday is our Provence & Camargue tour, which takes you to the most exotic corner of France. Wake up to a new and exciting sight each day, as you pedal past herds of white horses and flocks of flamingos, as well as the vibrant pink salt marshes. The colours and vibrancy of the natural landscape here are as beautiful as the towns are. And you get to enjoy all of this whilst in the company of like-minded cyclists.

View our Provence & Camargue holiday

Provence and Camargue

For more information on the best cycling holidays for single travellers, call our experts today. Alternatively, view all our cycling holidays here.

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