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A Loire Valley Family Bicycle Trip

Posted 23 Dec 2021

The Loire Valley is fantastic for a family bicycle trip. This gorgeous region of story-book castles and elegant châteaux will be sure to enchant every member of the family. Children will delight in cycling to these wonderous sights, imagining themselves princes and princesses. The region also has lots to offer parents as well, with fabulous wines and classic French dishes to discover. This is what makes the region so wonderful for families: there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One reason why a Loire Valley family bicycle trip is a fantastic idea is that the cycling is mostly flat. The canal-side paths and lanes make travelling by bike a breeze, so everyone can enjoy the holiday regardless of ability. Not only this, but the Loire Valley is wonderfully easy to get to, with either a short flight or a trip through the Eurostar. For many with young children, this makes the Loire a perfect choice for a family bicycle trip.

The region is one of the most historically significant areas in France, with royal connections dating back a thousand years. The many castles and châteaux that crown this valley are spectacular and awe-inspiring, for every member of the family. Children will delight in the tales and stories every château has, from brave princesses to jealous lords. Read on to find out about our best cycle tours in the Loire for families.

Château de Candes | Single Centre

A single centre cycling holiday is perfect for a Loire Valley family bicycle trip. With no worry for constant packing and unpacking, you and your family can relax and enjoy your holiday whilst exploring the local area. Staying at the Château de Candes, explore the unbeaten charm of the cobbled village of Candes-St-Martin. One of the most beautiful villages in the Loire, and maybe all of France, enjoy the tranquil views with your family of the flowing Loire River below. Another benefit of a single centre cycling holiday is you can easily return to a place you enjoyed or perhaps didn’t explore fully. This is because all your excursions take place in the local area of your hotel.

You’ll be staying in true style in one of the maisons, apartments or lofts that surround the main castle building. The grounds themselves are sure to be a hit with the children too as they explore in safety. This tour has a wealth of cycling or even walking routes to choose from, so you can be sure you’ll be embarking on the right adventures for your family. You’ll also have expert on-the-ground support in helping you choose the right activities for your group.

Round trips to exciting locations mean that once you’re done exploring or a member of your family gets tired, you can always return to the Château and relax whenever you like. Places you’ll visit include the wonderful Chinon with its famous fortress, Château d’Ussé which inspired the tale of Sleeping Beauty, as well as the Fontevraud l’Abbaye which is the region’s most famous attraction.

View our Château de Candes cycling tour here

Chateau de Candes

Marine de Loire | Single Centre

Another single centre cycling holiday, you’ll be staying in the charming La Marine de Loire 4 star hotel. This hotel lies in the beautiful riverside village of Montsoreau, renowned for its beauty and appeals to many. Le Marine offers the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation that makes it one of the best choices for a Loire Valley family bicycle trip. There’s a lot of flexibility in the daily activities and routes, meaning you can be sure your family has the right holiday for you.

On this cycling tour, experience classic Loire locations such as Chinon, and visit countless historical wonders. One of the best features of the region is its long royal history. Truly a fairytale land, stunning châteaux such as at Saumur are everywhere you look. It’s no wonder many children’s films are based in castles such as these. A Loire Valley family bicycle trip can also include exciting activities like canoeing, tennis, as well as lots of wine tasting opportunities for the parents.

As this tour is single centre, the flexibility is unbeaten. You can easily decide on the day what your itinerary will be to suit your needs best. Whether that means returning for dinner early or simply enjoying the grounds instead of a cycle route one day. A family friendly cycling tour such as this keeps all these preferences in mind.

View our Marine de Loire cycling tour here

Marine de Loire

Châteaux of the Loire | Self Guided

Another wonderful option for a Loire Valley family bicycle trip is a self guided tour. Self guided means you’re in control of the day’s activities so you can go at your own pace. If you can’t bear to leave a particular place just yet, you have the flexibility and freedom to stay longer, arriving at your destination at your own pace. This is fantastic when visiting the Loire as there is bound to be a sight that steals your family’s heart.

On our Châteaux of the Loire cycling tour, you’ll have the chance to see some of the region’s most famous castles. Medieval villages such as Azay-le-Rideau are found all across the valley, and each with its own wonderous château. The charm and beauty of these are some of the reasons why the Loire Valley is so popular for a family bicycle trip. Each has its own story and history that is sure to enthral the whole family.

Points of call for this tour include the iconic Saumur, the classically elegant Château de Brézé, and the renaissance wonder that is the Château Villandry. Some of the most delicious wines in France are grown in this region as well, just waiting to be discovered. One of the most family friendly self guided tours, this is perfect for a Loire Valley family bicycle trip. 

View our Châteaux of the Loire cycling tour here

Chateaux of the Loire

For more information about a Loire Valley family bicycle trip, speak to our cycling experts on 0207 471 7760.

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