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Best Restaurants in Sussex

Posted 09 Aug 2022

Sussex boasts some of the best dining opportunities on the south coast. Benefiting from an idyllic seaside and countryside of farming, the freshest seafood and highest quality farmer’s goods can be enjoyed here. From lobsters and crabs to all manners of finned delights, the catches in Sussex are the highlight of any meal. Thanks to the region’s long history of seaside leisure, the restaurants here have thrived for a century, innovating and evolving. A recent innovation is the boom in Sussex sparkling wine. Ancient vineyards have been replanted, creating some of the most delicious wine in Europe you can enjoy with your meals. On our cycling holidays here, you’ll experience some of the best restaurants in Sussex at some of our favourite locations.

Sussex has many wonderful delicacies and British classics for you to enjoy. Chichester, a town you can explore on our Sussex Beach Break cycling tour, is famous for its lobster dishes. Known as one of the ‘Seven Goods of Sussex’, you’ll find the king of crustaceans cooked in a multitude of different ways. From rich and creamy pasta to a delicious yet delicate herb and butter Thermador. Another favourite of the region is the Sussex Pudding. Also known as the Sussex Pond Pudding, this dish is characterised by a rich well of sauce and beef contained in soft, steamed suet. In more traditional restaurants, expect a lemon in the centre, cooked with the pudding and releasing a zesty flavour that marinates and tenderises the meat.

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Best restaurants in Sussex

No.1 Broad Street, Cuckfield

This unassuming 19th-century building houses one of the best restaurants in Sussex. Located in the centre of Cuckfield, No.1 Broad Street is credited for its delicious food and artistic presentation. No.1 combines tradition with modernity, creating Sussex classics with a twist. Using local ingredients, the chefs here take heavy inspiration from the dishes of Italy. This merging of worlds creates a restaurant that’s unlike any other in Cuckfield. On the Sussex Sparkling E-Bike tour, you’ll have the chance to dine here.

On the menu, you’ll find Sussex classics like local lamb loin served with a smoked ratatouille. However, you will also encounter dishes born from pure creativity. One such example is their pan-fried mackerel with pickled beetroot, crispy spinach, and white chocolate crumb. The creaminess of the white chocolate, mixed with the sharp tang of the beetroot, perfectly compliments the salty and rich flavour of the mackerel. Another exciting dish is their tempura courgette flower stuffed with ricotta. The mixing of local ingredients and recipes with international ideas is what makes No.1 Broad Street stand out.

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No.1 Broad Street sussex

47 Mussel Row, Littlehampton

For a celebration of all things seafood, head to 47 Mussel Row in Littlehampton. Sitting right by the River Arun as it feeds into the English Channel, this restaurant is in a prime location, offering you that quintessential British seaside atmosphere. Reviews of 47 Mussel Row are always stellar, showcasing a love and passion for seafood. As the name suggests, mussels are the main attraction. Enjoy huge bowls swimming in rich, creamy white wine sauce and a basket of bread to soak up every drop of goodness. This bistro by the sea serves only the classics.

Other exciting options on the menu include one of the national dishes: fish and chips. The key to a perfect fish and chips is a light golden batter, giant crispy chips soft on the inside, and a serving of pea puree. For 47 Mussel Row, making this dish is as easy as breathing. If you’re feeling adventurous, then their Singapore Crab with its spicy chilli sauce is sure to entice you. For land-lovers, enjoy delicious local lamb rack marinated and roasted to perfection. There’s something for everyone at 47 Mussel Row.

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Mussel row best restaurants in Sussex

The Restaurant at Ockenden Manor

Whilst staying in this beautiful hotel on our Ockenden Manor Single Centre tour why not visit their exquisite restaurant? With a traditional setting that boasts bright, sunlit rooms, enjoy a wonderful dining experience here. Staying in one of the rooms, this is perhaps the most convenient restaurant on this list, as well as one of the best in Sussex. Every dish here is packed full of local ingredients. You’ll find duck raised just down the road, cod caught a short boat journey away, and the freshest vegetables grown in the nearby fields.

Gazing at the menu here is like a journey to the Georgian past, with British classics at the forefront. Enjoy roasted Sussex venison with a delicious cauliflower puree and wild mushrooms. The most mouth-watering dish on the menu, however, is the caramelised Sussex hispi cabbage. This absolute delight is served with pickled wild mushrooms, Sussex asparagus, and creamed potatoes with some crispy tofu. This vegetarian dish is enough to capture any meat-lover's attention. It also serves to highlight the abundance of fresh produce grown in the region.

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Ockenden manor best restaurants in Sussex

Phoenix Dining, Chichester

If there was a restaurant to encapsulate multicultural Britain, it would be Phoenix Dining in Chichester. They pride themselves on their passion for the world’s cultures and cuisines, showcasing a menu that is as varied as Sussex. Specialising in North Chinese and Nepalese dishes, you’ll find all manner of delicious intrigues on the menu. Founded by self-proclaimed ‘foodies’, your dining experience is in safe hands here, full of healthy ingredients and delicious flavours.

Their lunch menu is exceptional, and we highly recommend visiting for a mid-day meal. On our Sparkling Sussex E-Bike tour, you’ll get the chance to dine here as you cycle onwards to Tinwood Estate. Some of our favourite dishes are their dim-sum and bao buns, with delicious Nepalese chicken and flavoursome aubergine. Bursting with spices and zest, this is one of the best restaurants in Sussex.

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Best restaurants in Sussex Phoenix

For more recommendations on the best restaurants in Sussex, give us a call on 020 7471 7760, or alternatively, view all of our UK cycling holidays here.

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