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Best Time to Go Cycling in Italy

Posted 24 Feb 2023

The Italian Peninsula is one of our favourite destinations to go cycling, filled with fabulous food and vibrant towns brimming with history. Not to mention the countless varieties of delicious wines grown from the sun-drenched vineyards. However, it’s important to know the best time to go cycling in Italy, as your experience can differ widely depending on the time of year you visit. Certain months are more popular than others, some places can be too hot in the summer etc.

You can find delicious food, beautiful architecture, and a vibrant culture everywhere you go in Italy. From the Dolomites of South Tyrol to the emerald waters of Sardinia, there’s so much to see and do when cycling here. However, the weather can differ widely across the peninsula. Not only this, but the produce and even the wines can change depending on the seasons. To save you hours of research, we have compiled a guide on the best time to go cycling in Italy. Read on to discover more.


Spring is one of the best times to go cycling in Italy if you want to escape the summer crowds. The Amalfi Coast is an example of a region best visited at this time of year. The colourful towns and gorgeous views can often be a bit busy during the middle of the year, making the months of April and May our favourite months to go on a cycling adventure here. Cycle past blossoming almond trees and enjoy a glass of wine on a terrace shaded by blooming wisteria. The most tranquil season for the Amalfi Coast, the temperature is also perfect for cycling without it being too warm for you. And if you do begin to warm up too much, the refreshing Mediterranean is always close at hand for a reviving dip.

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Another fantastic location to visit in spring is Sardinia. Known for its long summers, you can expect summer to start in May, making it one of the warmest Italian regions for spring. This blissful island is full of many wonderful sights to explore on a cycling holiday. Not only this, but visiting in the less busy spring season makes this one of the best times to go cycling in Italy. Cycling along the coast, you’ll see swathes of yellow wildflowers lining the paths. Head inland and you’ll be greeted by the sweet aromas and delicate flowers of blooming peach trees.

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The radiant summer months are perfect for those long cycle rides under the sun's warming rays. There’s nothing better than stopping off for a picnic mid-ride and just enjoying the sunshine. For many, this is truly the best time to go cycling in Italy. However, some regions can often be a little too hot for some during these months.

South Tyrol is one of our favourite destinations to head off to at this time of year, thanks to the cooling effect of the Alps to the north, and the glistening Lake Garda that all but invites you in for a swim. There’s a buzz that comes in the summer to this region, where the towns and cities throw open their doors to visitors, excited to share their unique culture and food. Of course, the local wine is another important reason why summer is one of the best times to go cycling in Italy’s South Tyrol. Produced from the Caldaro vineyards, it's perfect for those warm summer evenings. 

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Best time to go cycling in Italy

Late Summer

Late summer is one of those magical times of the year when almost every evening ends in a sunset, and all worries seem to melt away. That’s why it’s one of the best times to go cycling Italy. And our favourite region for a late summer getaway is Tuscany; perhaps the most beautiful region in all of Italy. Cycling here is a treat for your senses, with exquisite views of cypress-lined roads, Roman ruins, and the taste of wonderful food and wine. The food and wine alone are some of the best in the country. A mix of cosmopolitan city chefs and authentic countryside cooks creates the perfect recipe for masterclass food. Tradition and ingenuity meet here to produce dishes that will take you on a culinary adventure every meal. To top it all off, almost everything you eat will have been grown or caught in a valley or two away. In late summer, the region is still vibrant with visitors but the crowds seen in July are only a memory.

Expect some of the best weather in Italy when cycling through the Tuscan countryside in late summer. Sun-drenched vineyards line the hills, growing grapes that will be harvested in the coming months. In the Chianti wine region, world-famous reds and whites are shipped around the globe, but the best can be tasted at the vineyards in Tuscany. To learn more, you can read our Wine Regions: Tuscany blog here.

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Best time to go cycling in Italy


An often colder time in the UK, autumn is one of the best times to go cycling in Italy. With warm days under a gentler sun, harvests begin across the peninsula. And perhaps the lushest region with the most passionate farm-to-table philosophy is Umbria. Famous for its black truffles, the fresh vegetables and locally caught game are flavoured with this rich and delicious ingredient.

The scenery in Umbria is also beautiful in Autumn, with a hint of gold appearing in the valley forests. As it’s harvest time for the vineyards, you can also stop for a quick grape or two growing by the cycle path for that burst of freshness before heading off again. The Upper Tiber Valley, where our cycling holidays visit, is most beautiful in September and October, making autumn one of the best times to go cycling in Italy’s fabulous Umbria region.

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Best time to go cycling in Italy

For more information on when the best time to go cycling in Italy is, call our cycle experts today. Alternatively, you can view our Italian cycling holidays here.

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