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Champagne Cycling Routes

Posted 03 Apr 2023

In a region known for indulgence and luxury, the cycling routes of Champagne are just as wonderful as the wines. Between the ancient cities and charming towns is a gorgeous countryside laced with vineyards. In the vineyards, the grapes that produce the most famous wines in the world are grown. One of our favourite things about the Champagne cycling routes is the many opportunities for a tasting of the sparkling gold the wineries make. Paired with a delicate biscuit de Reims, these wine stops are the perfect way to elevate your cycling experience.

The region has long been associated with its iconic wine, with the first vineyards planted by the Romans thousands of years ago. The French kings saw the value in Champagne as well, and so the region blossomed thanks to its close proximity to Paris. Today, the region is crisscrossed by some wonderful cycle lanes, taking you to all the most exciting parts of Champagne. Read on to discover the Champagne cycling routes.

Champagne cycling routes

Epernay to Aÿ & Hautvillers

Two of the most famous wine-producing towns in the region, they have left their marks on the history of sparkling wines. In fact, Hautvillers was where a certain monk, Dom Perignon, pioneered new sparkling wine production methods still used today. As a result, the Champagne cycling routes from Epernay to Aÿ & Hautvillers are some of our favourites. You’ll get the chance to experience this route on day two of our A Taste of Champagne tour.

Starting in Epernay, wind along lazy paths that follow a gentle canal, as you take in the wonderful atmosphere of the region. Before reaching Hautvillers, you’ll arrive at Aÿ which is one of the major sites of Champagne production. Many of the most famous Champagne Houses have their headquarters here for their global operations. Although it may look like a sleepy village, Aÿ is a Champagne giant. Leaving the village behind, you’ll cycle towards Cumieres along more gorgeous canals. These cycle lanes are lined with tall trees bursting with mistletoe, creating a shaded canopy above your head.


Châlons-en-Champagne to l’Epine

Champagne cycling routes are not just about vineyard visits and delicious wine, the region also boasts a wonderful history to discover. As you cycle from Châlons-en-Champagne to l’Epine, you’ll learn all about local folk tales as you visit the incredible Notre Dame de l’Epine. Standing proud above the charming village, the cathedral is a gothic basilica recognised as an architectural masterpiece of the era. Taking over a hundred years to construct, the structure is still standing strong after 500 years.

When you first cycle to the cathedral, you may ask why it was named ‘Our Lady of l’Epine’. Local folktales claim that a shepherd discovered a statue of the Virgin Mary holding her son, and the basilica was built here as a result. A registered UNESCO Heritage Site, l’Epine is one of our favourite destinations on the Champagne cycling routes.


Epernay to Châlons-en-Champagne

For many, their perfect idea for a cycling trip includes pancake-flat routes and leisurely pedalling. For these people, the ride from Epernay to Châlons-en-Champagne ticks all the boxes. Following a picturesque canal, you’ll pass by charming little villages before reaching the idyllic Châlons-en-Champagne. Crisscrossed by flower-lined canals, this town is one of our favourites in Champagne.

This city, although much smaller than Reims, is the capital of the Marne department. Filled with history, many important events in French history have occurred in Châlons-en-Champagne. Roman emperors have fought battles here and it was in Châlons-en-Champagne where Attila the Hun was pushed back. The Champagne cycling routes are perfect for history lovers.

Champagne cycling routes

Massif de St Thierry

On the Champagne cycling routes, you can also expect a verdant countryside, lush with vegetation and filled with birdsong. One of the most beautiful places to visit for this is the Massif de St Thierry. Located just west of Reims, this area is a perfect escape into rural bliss. As you pass by rolling vineyards, you’ll encounter ancient forests and a peaceful atmosphere.

This elevated part of the Champagne region produces some of the most delicious wine you’ll find. Thanks to the sunny hillsides, the vines practically drink in the sunlight. There are no less than 15 wine villages located in a relatively small area. With so many to explore, you’ll be cycling back to Reims with a whole wine cellar on you.

Champagne cycling routes

Reims to Epernay

Two of the region’s most exciting cities, the Champagne cycling routes that run between them are just as enjoyable. Passing through the Montagne de Reims, those who have opted for an e-bike will be feeling pretty smug as you switch into turbo mode and leisurely take on the hilly part of the region. The reward is very much worth the climb, however, as you get the chance to gaze out over miles of lush vineyards, practically shining when the sun hits them just right.

After reaching the top of the Montagne de Reims, it’s mostly downhill to Epernay where charming cafes and wonderful boutiques await you. The fantastic thing about the Champagne cycling routes is that there is always an exciting destination at the end of the path. Whether it’s a small village famous for its history or a vibrant city full of beautiful architecture. You’ll have the chance to experience this route on day seven of our Leisurely Cycling in Champagne tour.


For more information on our Champagne cycling routes, call our cycle experts today. Alternatively, you can view our Champagne cycling holidays here.

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