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Best Restaurants on the Veneto Cycling Tours

Posted 22 Jul 2022

Like every region in Italy, Veneto has a distinctive and world-class cuisine. Exploring every dish you can is one of our favourite goals when on holiday here. The types of meals you find on the routes here vary greatly on the local environment. When near the coast, expect delicious seafood caught fresh that day and cooked in rich and intriguing ways. In the plains, pork is the staple, served with locally foraged mushrooms and home-grown vegetables. Our holidays here also pass into Emilia Romagna, where a wealth of delicious experiences can be had. Read our best restaurants in Emilia Romagna blog to discover more about the food there.

The regional pasta variation in Veneto is bigoli, most often compared to udon noodles. This thicker cousin of spaghetti is often found served with delicious seafood such as clams and prawns, to create a zesty dish garnished with coriander and lemon. Other dishes to look out for include: ‘bigoli in salsa’, served with anchovies and onion this time, ‘brasato all'Amarone’ which is braised beef cooked with Amarone wine and served with polenta. You’ll find polenta in every restaurant in Veneto, thanks to its versatile nature. Made from boiled cornmeal, the dish originates from Italy, so expect a multitude of ways to enjoy it. Read on to discover the best restaurants on the Veneto cycling tours.

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best restaurants in veneto

Trattoria La Rustica, Ravenna

On day 4 of our Italy’s Art Cities tour, you’ll arrive in the ancient Roman capital of Ravenna. The restaurants here are as fantastic as the history, and Trattoria La Rustica is no exception. Like most places to eat in Italy, all the care and passion is placed on the food so Trattoria may look unassuming at first. But after you take the first bite of their Tortelli Verdi, you’ll be transported to a world of culinary delights. Enraptured in the food, you’ll most likely forget your dinner partners are even there.

Run by the same family for generations, the restaurant is proud of its warm and genuine environment. You get a real sense of authenticity when you dine here; the food is all that matters. Traditional recipes, most likely zealously guarded as family secrets, showcase the way Trattoria La Rustica lives up to its name: a rustic and real experience.

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trattoria la rustica

Antica Osteria Al Cavallo, Chioggia

Some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste is in Chioggia and, more specifically, at Antica Osteria Al Cavallo. The Venetian Lagoon is famous for the fish and shellfish found here, and the cuisine here reflects this. At Antica Osteria Al Cavallo, the seafood is centre stage. The restaurant takes their fish seriously, and will tell you everything you need to know about the freshness of the food you’re eating from where it was caught, how long ago it was caught, and maybe even which fisherman brought it in.

One of the best things to order is their giant platter of seafood, filled to the brim with prawns, scallops, lobsters, and many other wonderful catches. This is one of those dishes where you just have to take a photo to show everyone back home. The advice of many who dine here is to place yourself completely in your waiter’s confident hands; they know exactly what you’re looking for and will even find the best wines to compliment your experience.

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Antica Osteria Al Cavallo

LaCucina, Mantua

The many restaurants on the cycling routes here will offer you a traditional experience, but at LaCucina this is not the case. Inventive and forward-thinking, this stylish place to eat is always looking for new ways to change classics. Their freshly made pasta is garnished with Sicilian almonds, and their couscous is flavoured with turmeric. LaCucina is unafraid to explore new and exciting flavour combinations.

Found in Mantua, you’ll be able to visit this restaurant on day 6 of our Venice and Mantua cycling holiday. The town is at the end of a long stretch of stunning scenery, making LaCucina a fantastic reward at the end of the day. Their most popular dish is the braised veal with aromatic herbs and paired with zucchini, for a delicious and mouth-watering meal. Don’t forget to taste some of the local wine whilst you’re here, as the restaurant boasts one of the most comprehensive wine lists in Italy.

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Ristorante Wistèria, Venice

Venice is the crown jewel of our holidays here, with so much to see and do when visiting the city. From the palace of the Doge to the many wonderful canals that create a picture-perfect setting everywhere you look, Venice is truly beautiful. The restaurants here certainly do not disappoint either. Sitting in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon, the seafood is plentiful and served fresh that day. The city historically sat at the crossroads of trade in the west, meaning Venetians have always had access to the flavours and spice from across the world, culminating in delicious cuisine.

For a truly special experience that you will most likely remember for years to come, then head to Ristorante Wistèria. Appearing at the top of every recommendation, Ristorante Wistèria is almost an attraction in itself. With exceptional presentation, and world-class service, this is no ordinary place to eat. As its name suggests, a crown of wisteria hugs its courtyard, creating a beautiful environment that rivals even the food. Set back from the bustling crowds the city can have, this is a haven for foodies.

Research and experimentation are key values of the founders, Andrea and Max who always strive for new ways to excite people. With seasonal tastings, returning diners will always experience something new. Consisting of as many as eight courses, expect anything and everything, as there is no official menu here. Delicious pasta, shellfish bursting with extraordinary flavours, and even Latinised sushi could be served to you. Ristorante Wistèria should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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Ristorante Wisteria

For more recommendations on the best restaurants on the Veneto cycling routes, give us a call on 020 7471 7760, or alternatively, view our Italy cycling weekends here.

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