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Best Restaurants in South Tyrol

Posted 12 May 2022

One of the most unique regions in Italy, the South Tyrol has a fascinating history that you can experience through the delicious food found here. Mixing the very best of Austrian and Italian influences, the region was once a part of the County of Tyrol before the many events of the modern era saw it land in Italian hands. As a result, German is widely spoken in the region, creating a hybrid culture that showcases the best of both. The food here is no exception, where traditional Austrian dishes have that classic flare of Italian perfection.

When cycling in this region, there are a few specialities that we recommend you look out for. One of these is Knödel Tris, a dumpling that has been served in this region for a thousand years. Unlike other dumplings found in central Europe, this one has been thoroughly Latinised, as it’s served with a heaping of olive oil, fresh herbs, and strong parmesan. One of the tastiest experiences is to try all the local variants of this dish, as each town in the region will likely add different fillings. These can range from a light spinach filling to one filled with chocolate as a dessert. One custom to note here is that you should always only use a fork to eat one!

As a very forested region, you can be sure that South Tyrol has no shortage of game and produce. The most famous pork product from here is known as speck and is often confused with the typical prosciutto found further to the South. Both have a similar curing process, but speck has an added smokiness that creates a truly delicious flavour. This is the perfect mix between Italian and German processes for cured meat. With so much food to choose from, from a kaleidoscope of restaurants, it can be hard to know where to go and what to choose. The wider region, including Verona, Lake Garda, and the Dolomites, also has so much to offer. Read on to discover the best restaurants in South Tyrol.

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Cycling South Tyrol

Restaurant Vögele, Bolzano

If you’re looking for that authentic South Tyrolean experience, then look no further than Restaurant Vögele. In the capital city of the province, Bolzano, this restaurant has a rich history that’s bursting with tradition. On your Knödel hunt, you absolutely must try this restaurant’s take on it; bite into a buttery dumpling slice with delicious beef carpaccio that's flavoured with red vinegar. And this is just the antipasti on Restaurant Vögele’s varied and exciting menu.

With a huge focus on authenticity and a historical connection to their food. They pride themselves on showcasing old recipes with modern ideas. One such dish is the Erdäpfelblattln, a speciality consisting of a potato paste cooked in butter and served with sauerkraut and apricot dumplings. The explosions of flavours from the rich butter to the sour cabbage and sweet apricot is a wonderful journey to go on and connects you to the Tyrolean past. This is a great choice when on our Valleys of the Dolomites cycling tour.

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Restaurant Vogelle

Restaurant Ritterhof

Family run, the Restaurant Ritterhof perfectly combines Tyrolean with Mediterranean cuisines for a delicious experience. Found in Caldaro, you’ll be able to dine here on our Valleys of the Dolomites cycling tour. One of the ways in which this restaurant stands out is the delicious wines on offer. As well as serving some of the tastiest vintages in Italy, Restaurant Ritterhof also boasts its own vineyard. Having their own wines is wonderful, as the flavours of the dishes made here have been created to pair perfectly with their wine. Taking a sip with your meal has never been a more enchanting experience.

On the menu, you can expect beautifully presented dishes, showing a true passion for food and dining. The dishes are also hearty, with a big focus on delicious fresh meat. From tartare to venison, your plates will be graced by the freshest cuts. The ambience here is also wonderful, with that Italian warmth you find in restaurants where food is a passion. The pièce de résistance however is the phenomenal view of Caldaro’s lake and valley. Restaurant Ritterhof is the full experience, eating delicious food, sipping local wine, and gazing out over incredible views.

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Restaurant Ritterhof

Darì Ristorante & Enoteca, Verona

When looking for a fine dining experience, look no further than Darì Ristorante & Enoteca. Nestled in a courtyard showcasing stunning architecture, this restaurant is a treat for the senses. Meticulously decorated, their various settings will take you from al fresco dining to an intimate dinner in what feels like a wine cellar. One of the ways in which this restaurant encapsulates the fine dining experience is its servers; they host an astounding amount of information and love about food and are always happy to discuss what options are best for you. Their wine knowledge alone is reason enough to visit. For every dish, the perfect vintage is recommended.

As the landscape in this region is forested and hilly, the meats on selection are the showstoppers here as you’re spoilt for choice. Braised beef cheek in Amarone wine sauce with polenta as well as confit duck leg with Jerusalem artichokes and oranges are just two of the succulent selections to choose from. And of course when on holiday in Italy, the pasta is sure to be delicious. Enjoy cannelloni au gratin with ricotta and spinach as well as enticing dishes like pumpkin and almond ravioli, served with butter and sage.

When in Italy, it’s hard to resist the urge to order everything on the menu. That’s why tasting menus are so fantastic, allowing you to sample the cuisine and culture of the places you visit. At Darì Ristorante & Enoteca, you can experience a glorious 5-course tasting menu where all manners of gastronomic delights await. From classics like the authentic lasagne to more adventurous experiences like their wine-braised duck ravioli, garnished with dark chocolate. As Verona is the last day on our South Tyrol, Lake Garda and Verona cycling tour, this is a wonderful finale to your holiday.

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Darì Ristorante & Enoteca

For more recommendations on the best restaurants in South Tyrol, give us a call on 020 7471 7760, or alternatively, view our Italy cycling weekends here.

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