Charms of the Costa Brava: cycling Spain’s gold coast

Posted 13 Mar 2017

Pristine beaches, rich Blue Ocean, rugged beauty and chalky cliffs all make the Costa Brava a glorious place for a cycling trip. Originally brought into the international spotlight by some of yesteryear's most glamorous film stars (Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner were once regular visitors), this wonderful part of Spain is now a major tourist destination.

Here you'll find everything from major resorts to traditional rural charm. That's not all though – the food here is some of the freshest and most celebrated in the whole country. Here are a few special places you won't want to miss during your trip.

Catalonia Cycling Holiday


Surrounded by lush rolling fields and vineyards, Figueres is the ideal place to start any adventure in the Costa Brava.

Salvador Dalí Museum

Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres, so be sure to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum while you're here. The building was designed by the man himself; its bright pink exterior and eggs lining the roof make it hard to miss.

Old town

If you get the chance, take a lazy wander along the Rambla, a tree-lined shopping street that was built over a dry river bed. The old town is packed with an eclectic mix of shops: you'll find local artisan goods along with well-known global brands, all plying their trade together under the shade.

Catalonia Cycling Holiday

Torroella de Montgrí

Plaça de la Vila

Torroella de Montgrí is well-known for its market, bursting with succulent, fresh local produce. It's held in the charming medieval town square, Plaça de la Vila. Keep an eye out for a music concert here as well – the impressive acoustics in this arch-lined space make it quite an experience.

Music or no music, it's an ideal spot to enjoy a glass of crisp wine, some interesting-looking Spanish bread and the salty delights of the much-loved L'Escala anchovies plucked fresh from the nearby ocean.

Olive oil tours

One reason the food in the Costa Brava is so packed with flavour the local olive oil. Seeing how this golden gastronomic nectar is made first-hand, which you can do during a tour of the Can Solivera estate, is worth it in itself; but coming home with a tin of this fragrant oil is absolutely essential for foodies.

Catalonia Cycling Holiday


Sublime seafood

The region is renowned for its seafood, and Palamós is king when it comes to prawns. The time-honoured fishing tradition and customs remain strong in this charming resort.

Head to La Selvatana for a home-cooked style evening meal like no other – its seafood comes pretty much straight off the boat and into the kitchen. If you want a great-value, lazy lunch in the balmy sun, try L'Espardenya.

Coastal path

Being moments from the coast makes the local beach at La Fosca tempting, but do visit the surrounding seaside areas too if you have the time. Take a scenic cycle ride along the path that starts at La Fosca towards the equally enchanting beach of Platja de Castell.

You can, in fact, make your way to a number of the other nearby beaches using this pathway too. The contrasting views of shimmering turquoise ocean and sweeping green pine forests will be worth every pedal.

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