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Travelling by Train

Posted 17 Mar 2023

When planning your holiday, travelling by train has a wealth of benefits. Not only is it far more comfortable than flying by plane, the carbon emissions produced by travelling to your destination by train are around 90% reduced when compared to flying. At Cycling for Softies, we’re passionate about sustainability, choosing to leisurely cycle where we can fully immerse ourselves in the local environment. Read on to discover all the reasons why you should travel by train to your Softies tour.

Travelling by train

Reduced Carbon Emissions

The most obvious reason why we prefer train travel is the reduction in carbon emissions. You can reduce your carbon footprint by 90% just by choosing the tracks over the sky. According to Eurostar, one flight to Paris produces the same amount of carbon emissions as 14 Eurostar journeys to the same location. When you reach your destination, relax in the knowledge that you travelled sustainably and have helped protect the environment you’re visiting.

Climate change throws the balance of nature into chaos, which means that some of the favourite parts of your holiday may not be around forever. By travelling by train, you help protect the lavender of Provence, the sunny skies of Puglia, and the verdant vineyards that lace across the continent.

Travelling by train

Travel in Comfort

Sometimes, the aeroplane can be the least enjoyable part of the holiday. With your phone turned off and little to no legroom in a pressurised cabin, planes have a few downsides. When trains have comfier seats, scenic views, and of course phone signal, all you need to do is sit back and relax whilst you glide along the countryside. Power sockets and cabin wifi are also wonderful benefits on trains.

Why not also book a table and pack a picnic in advance? We recommend doing this so you can enjoy the ultimate comfort experience. Open a bottle with your travel companion and admire the gorgeous scenery passing by. The Eurostar also offers premium tickets which provide a meal service and wine for a more indulgent journey.

Crossing the channel in the Eurostar is both enjoyable and easy, where you can expect frequent trains and high-quality service. There is a quiet kind of excitement you feel when you emerge from the tunnel into the French countryside, knowing this is the start of your exciting new holiday.

Travelling by train

Immerse Yourself

A key part of a Softies holiday is the immersion into the local cultures and environment. Cycling through a region gives a real sense of the place, and train travel is similar. Instead of rising above the clouds and descending beneath them when you’re landing, train travel gives you the opportunity to gaze out the window at the country passing by, taking it all in.

You’ll see many sights when travelling by train, from sprawling vineyards atop emerald hills to charming towns that feel lost in time.

Travelling by train

Efficient and Timely

The Eurostar is one of the most reliable forms of transport, with rare delays and frequent times. Not only this, but on average it’s faster to travel to Paris by rail than by flying. Once you factor in getting to the airport 2 hours ahead of the flight, as well as waiting for luggage and passport queues, what would have been a short flight is now a lengthy affair. The Eurostar to Paris from London is only 2 hours and 16 minutes long on average, stress-free.

From Paris, any major city is only a short train away, thanks in part to the country’s brilliant transport links. Avignon in Provence, one of the furthest cities from Paris in France, is a two-and-a-half-hour train. The vineyards of Champagne are only an hour away! Taking just as long as an airport experience, choosing the train when travelling to France is a win for the environment and helps fight climate change. All of our UK and France tours are easily accessible by train. And for those travelling to Italy? Why not make your journey an adventure, visiting fabulous cities and gorgeous countryside by train as you make your way to your cycling holiday.

Travelling by train

Our cycling experts can help advise you further on travelling by train. View our cycling holidays, or call 0203 944 2157 to speak to our experts.

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