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Why book a Cycling Holiday to Spain?

Posted 01 Jun 2018

The sunny weather, relaxed pace of life and friendly atmosphere are all reasons to visit Spain during the summer months. But we’ve got three more compelling incentives as to why cycling in Spain is an attractive holiday option at any time of year.

La Cocina: from fried potatoes to fresh squid

One thing the Spanish do exceptionally well is food. When sampling Spanish cuisine there are so many classic dishes to choose from that even several sit-down tapas spreads won’t be enough to try every single one. Some enduring favourites are the humble but hearty patatas bravas, a fried potato with some spice and two possible sauces: fiery red or so-much-better-than-mayo aïoli. While you’re in Spain, chorizo and jamón ibérico are two popular cold meats that feature on the tapas table. Chorizo may pop up as complementary tapas in a small bar, or as part of a mouth-watering dish like fabada, a warm white bean stew with black pudding. Seafood on the coast is another rare treat: get to know dishes like paella and fried calamari along the way.

La Cultura:  music, dance, art and history

There’s a reason we all know fiesta, literally translated as 'party'; it’s because the Spanish are pros. From nationwide saints’ days to village celebrations, Catalonia's Feast of Saint George, and The Three Kings' festivities at Christmas, celebration, dance and music is woven into the culture. Flamenco is too and is an absolute must-see if you’re in the Andalusia region. This passionate, loud and lively display is more than a tourist cliché: it captures years of intense dance training and a history spanning centuries. There’s a quieter side to Spanish culture too, in the art and architecture that spills from the streets. Salvador Dalí was born here, Gaudí's wild, intricate buildings are sprinkled across Barcelona, and examples of stunning art deco and Gothic architecture peek from cities across the country.

El Ciclismo: the cycling, of course

We don’t only love Spain for the culture and cuisine, the country first captured our hearts with the prospect of phenomenal cycling opportunities. In Spain you really move with the land and learn how others live with it too, and can cruise the countryside exploring vineyards, ricefields and olive groves where local farmers have their livelihoods. You’ll cross lush, green plains with the dramatic Albera Massif mountains on your horizon for some fantastic golden hour views on our trip through Catalonia. The route takes you along Costa Brava's most scenic cycle paths, interspersed with charming villages and quaint harbours, as well as views to the sea. Sandy beach paths lead you down to half-hidden coves and bays, where you can hang up your cycling gear for a while and bathe or bask in the sunshine.

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