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Our Cycling Experts On: E-Bikes

Posted 20 May 2019

E-Bikes have slowly become more and more popular over the past few years and there's a good reason as to why. E-Bikes have lots of perks that allow any sort of cyclist, whether they’re completely new to cycling or not, to jump on the saddle and have a great time taking on every kind of terrain; from rolling hills and steep climbs to long flat journeys.

Our Softies tours don’t take any routes up steep mountains, but, if you’re looking to make your cycling holiday around vibrant vineyards and breathtaking landscapes that much more comfortable, why wouldn’t you take an E-Bike? Our cycling experts have had a lot of time getting to know our brand new fleet of Trek E-Bikes, which are now available on our cycling tours, and they want to share their knowledge of them with you.

Everyone can use an E-Bike

Everyone can use an E-Bike

It’s not breaking news that you don’t need to be an athlete to venture out on a Softies cycling tour; our holidays are designed by our cycling experts to be comfortable, leisurely trips that are about exploring a destination’s best bits; sampling fine local wines and dining in gastronomic restaurants, with relaxed cycling in between.

“We’ve been providing E-Bikes on our tours for over 4 years now and the best thing about them is how they open up an active holiday to almost anybody. You should see the smiles on some peoples faces after their first day out on one!” – Harvey, Head of Cycling

With an E-Bike, you don’t need to worry about the cycling aspect of the holiday, in fact, you can enjoy zooming up and over hills and reaching speeds of 30km/hour on the flats without even breaking a sweat.

Our Tuscan Valleys E-Bike tour will have you pedalling around the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany, visiting towns such as Cortona and cycling through Montalcino and Montepulciano wine territory.

Exercising couldn't be easier on an E-Bike

Easy exercise

Whilst E-Bikes do make cycling any terrain easier, they don’t let you miss out on getting a workout, even if it is a light one. The bike’s motor only provides electronic assistance to the rider, so it gives an added boost to your efforts but still requires you to pedal. If you’re finding it a bit too easy, you can simply turn the motor off and give yourself a bit more of a challenge.

“My trip to Provence was great thanks to the E-Bike I used. It really made the slightly rolling terrain feel very easy, but I was still getting some really good exercise too!” – Marton, Cycling Expert

So you can look forward to improving your fitness and still cycle distances you might not have been able to without an E-Bike.

Want to try E-biking around Provence? Our Picture Postcard Provence tour will take you past lovely lavender fields and through charming towns like Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Roussillon.

Enjoy the scenery more on an E-Bike

Enjoy the scenery more

One thing we want to do the most when pottering between different places is enjoy the scenery, not just the cycling. E-Biking lets you take your mind of pushing the pedals constantly, and instead, you can change your focus to soaking up the gorgeous landscapes around you.

“I was a bit sceptical of eBikes in the past, but having been lucky enough to try it a couple of times, I am a complete convert! My favourite thing about them is how you can cover more distance and enjoy the views around you instead of concentrating on cycling.” – George, Cycling Expert

E-Bikes also let you get around more of the area, with that added boost the motor is giving to your pedalling, you will find that you can see much more of a region from the saddle of an E-bike.

Try our Châteaux of the Loire cycling tour and see more of its lush landscape on an E-Bike. Visit magnificent châteaux and medieval villages; stopping to try culinary delights and taste the brilliant wine the region is known for.

We offer E-Bike holidays to almost all of our destinations, see our E-Biking holidays here. Or, simply ask our cycling experts to see if they are available for a tour you’re interested in.

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