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Cycling Tips

Posted 01 Oct 2016

Due to its position, in the south of France, the region of Province enjoys hot sunny days so sun screen is a must particularly in July and August.

I always wear a cycling helmet as it provides protection in case of accident, also it helps to protect my head from the sun!

Good quality padded lycra cycling shorts help to protect the sensitive area between the legs. As this material does not retain water they are easily washed and dried ready for the following day.

On the same theme wear light breathable 'T' shirts or sports clothing as these, unlike cotton do not hold the sweat which cool you down when you start to descend.

Padded half fingered gloves reduce the tingling feeling in the hands,also known as ulnar neuropathy.

Drink plenty of water,fill the bottles at the cafés and fountains where it is drinkable. Ususally if the water is not safe to drink at a fountain a sign 'eau non-potable' is displayed.When it is very hot think about putting an electrolyte tablet in the bottle.

Doing some cycling before the holiday helps you get used to the exercise and reduces aching and tiredness in the legs and saddlesoreness. Simple stretching exercises after the ride also help to reduce tiredness.

If you want to bring your own saddle and pedals please do so as it is no problem to fit them.

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