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Northern France Cycling Routes

Posted 27 Jan 2022

The cycle tours of Champagne, Alsace and Normandy have some fantastic landmarks and activities to admire. Whether you are enjoying a well-deserved glass of Champagne or riding along the coast of beautiful Normandy, you’re in for a treat. Our experts have created a guide to the Northern France cycling routes.

Northern France Cycling Routes


The northern France cycling routes of the Alsace head through some of the most stunning vineyards and beautiful towns. Located in the northeastern part of France it sits along the Rhine River, making the land perfectly fertile for wine production. The region is steeped in history and our cyle tours will take you through the excellent city of Strasbourg and the lovely town of Obernai.

Strasbourg is dominated by the incredible gothic Notre-Dame cathedral. You will hear the clock chime three times a day throughout the city. If you head up the platform, there are fantastic views of Germany’s Black Forest. A must-visit is the 18th-century Palais Rohan Museum of Fine arts which includes the famous work Baroque.

Obernai is on the eastern side of the Vosges mountains. You will pedal along the Bruche canals where there are excellent local restaurants perfect for wine tasting. Another landmark is the nunnery on the Mont Sainte-Odile peak, which was founded in 690. A small trip to the romantic town of Colmar makes you feel like you’re in a little version of Venice with all the canals.

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Alsace Route du Vin

This famous northern France cycling route stops at all the great vineyards in the area. The riverside cycling is very easy and you’ll breeze through all the historic towns at your own pace. There are many brilliant restaurants and wine tasting spots to enjoy along the route. We recommend sampling Riesling wines and sparkling Cremant d ’Alsace, Choucroute a L’Alsacienne (sauerkraut and sausages) at Caveau St Pierre, Colmar’s ‘Little Venice’.

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The Alsace Route du Vin route is one of the best Northern France Cycling Routes.


Normandy is often compared to as the Devon of northern France. The Calvados Coast showcases beautiful countryside, charming villages and peaceful sand dune beaches. Cycling in Normandy has some great highlights to enjoy. Whether you’re enjoying the local fine cider or admiring the historical sites, you’ll have a trip to remember. The gentle terrain makes each route a breeze on your holiday.

The area is steeped in history, and you can take yourself back to significant points in time. Bayeaux is a medieval town that is delightful to visit in the summer. There’s stunning architecture to admire with a light show on the huge gothic cathedral at night too. A must visit is also the 11th-century tapestry depicting the Norman Conquest of 1066.

Omaha beach is the location of the main landings of D-Day during World War 2. One of the most famous days of the war. The local museum depicts the history of the day well. In addition, it houses a collection of weapons, vehicles, uniforms and personal items. Another landmark of this time is the American war memorial Colleville-Sur-Mer which overlooks the beach. The whole experience is poignant when you imagine the soldier who bravely fought at this point in time.

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La Baie de Somme a Velo

One of the best northern France cycling routes is the La Baie de Somme a Velo. It navigates the spectacular coastline of the Bay of Somme. You can take in breathtaking coastal views and vast sandy beaches. The route is easy to ride too with traffic-free cycling and flat terrain.

The La Baie de Somme a Velo route is one of the best Northern France Cycling Routes.

Bayeux and the Beaches

If you’re looking to take in culture and history this northern France cycling route shows the main landmarks of Normandy. In one day, you take in Bayeaux with its medieval architecture and 11th-century tapestry. You will also visit Omaha beach which is a truly sombre experience, but a must-visit of the area.

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The Bayeux and the Beaches route is one of the best Northern France Cycling Routes.


The iconic region of Champagne is located in the North East of France. From the incredible cathedrals of Reims to the many beautiful vineyards, Champagne has a lot to see. The area is rich in history with landmarks dating back to Roman times. The villages of Epernay, Reims, and Châlons-en-Champagne all have their unique charms and points of interest to see.

Reims was formerly known as ‘Coronation City’ because of its long line of kings that were coronated in the grand cathedral. Near Châlons-en-Champagne there’s even more historical interest in the Basilica of Notre Dame de l'Epine. This is where you’ll learn of the many folktales that have become famous over the years.

Of course, you can’t head to the Champagne region without visiting the amazing Champagne houses. One of the most famous you can cycle to is the Ruinart in Reims, considered a national monument for its old age and grand size. Another great house is the Geoffroy in Ay where they've been perfecting wine across five generations. You can also book an extensive tour at Joseph Perrier where they’ll reveal the secrets of the amazing golden fizz in the iconic drink.

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Veloroute de la Marne

This northern France cycling route is a wonderfully easy ride from Epernay to Châlons-en-Champagne. You’ll be able to stop off at the fantastic Champagne houses and enjoy the beautiful sun along the way. It’s a peaceful route through some of the most beautiful vineyards in the area. The pan-flat countryside lanes are ideal to soak in this iconic region.

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The Veloroute de la Marne route is one of the best Northern France Cycling Routes.

To find out more about the best Northern France cycling routes, call our experts on 0207 470 7760.

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