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Italian E-Biking at its finest

Posted 21 Jul 2017

While biking up challenging slopes and undulating hills can be fun on a standard cycle, it's certain smooth sailing on an e-bike. If you're planning a tour through the captivating ruggedness of Tuscany's diverse landscapes for example, then an e-bike can help you reach those astounding, sun soaked views with ease.

Luxury Italian E-Biking

E-Bike Benefits

An e-bike is almost identical to a normal bike in every respect, except for the fact it has an electric motor fitted to help with riding. That doesn't mean the bike does all the work for you of course – it simply makes pedalling much easier thanks to the motor's assistance.

There's actually a number of advantages to this, with perhaps the least obvious one being fitness. While it might seem counterintuitive, riding an e-bike can actually mean you do more exercise than on a traditional bike. This is because you'll cycle faster and for longer thanks to the assisted pedalling, which translates into more exercise overall. The lower-impact nature of the exercise is also easier on your joints and muscles.

Last but not least, there's the fact that you'll have a much easier time getting up hills or through energy-draining headwinds – ideal for a few of our Tuscan tours, as you'll see.

Luxury Italian E-Biking Holidays

Tuscany & The Chianti Hills

Celebrated films like Tea with Mussolini, Hannibal, and Quantum of Solace have been filmed against the vivid Tuscan countryside, which is something of a favourite when it comes to movie locations. This tour takes you past the Monastery of Sant’Anna (used in The English Patient), too.

E-biking through Val d’Orcia is a real highlight of this trip, and you'll really be able to take in the lush shades of green and gold that blanket this rural paradise. While you'll certainly be conserving energy as you glide up the curves of the quintessentially Tuscan hills, don't miss a chance to pick up some locally-made pecorino – a hard, salty cheese similar to parmesan. The town of Pienza, with its neat piazzas and towering palazzos is another highlight of the valley.

Treasures of Tuscany and Umbria

The Tuscan landscape of ripe fields, perfectly arranged vineyards, and winding lanes produces some of Italy's finest food and wine. Rich, intense truffles, silky smooth, fruity olive oil, and even the vivid crimson of saffron are all celebrated in regional and local dishes. If you're a fan of food and drink (who isn't?), you'll particularly enjoy the dinner specially prepared by celebrity chef, Giancarlo Polito, available on our tour.

You'll certainly appreciate the e-bike as you head through the sloping foothills from Gubbio to Assisi. Even though there's the option of a rest day once you reach this delightful Umbrian haven, a brief jaunt off the tour and into the rugged beauty of the nearby state park, also home to St Francis' mountain retreat, is certainly worth considering. The e-bike can do all the hard work, after all. Whichever option you settle on, make sure to try the unforgettable tenderness and flavour of a traditional Florentine T-bone steak while you're in Assisi.

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