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Best Restaurants in Sardinia

Posted 26 May 2022

One of the most interesting regions of Italy, Sardinia has a complex history that’s reflected in its cuisine and culture. When exploring the dishes of this island, you’ll find a mix of classic Italian ingredients as well as those distinct to Sardinia. An example of this is the many applications of mint and myrtle, giving the dishes here a charismatic flavour. One of the most famous dishes is suckling pig which is a staple across Europe but made its own in Sardinia; expect a rich stew filled with vegetables and beans, thickened with the regional bread. The loaves made here are typically dry which historically was so they last longer, but in modern times they’re perfect at soaking up all the goodness of stews. The island also has a wonderful seafood culture, with plenty of shellfish and freshly caught fish on the menu.

The island has had many cultural influences over the centuries, including the Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Aragonese, and Alpine Savoyards. Each has left its own footprint here. With an influx of culture such as this, it’s no wonder Sardinia is as unique as it is. The varying landscape, which has often led to people terming Sardinia a ‘miniature-continent’, has created many unique practices and traditions thanks to the multitude of environments. These have found their way into the cuisine here, creating a culinary experience like no other. Read on to discover the very best restaurants in Sardinia.

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Ristorante da Thomas, Santa Teresa di Gallura

A classic example of a hidden gem, Ristorante da Thomas is unassuming but contains a gastronomic experience waiting for you to discover it. As Santa Teresa di Gallura is a fishing village, you can be sure there is a whole host of delicious seafood to be found on the menu here. The restaurant also has a message that is as authentic as the village; to enjoy moments of taste together with friends, all whilst respecting traditions. The owners, Francesco and Isabella, created the restaurant over 40 years ago as a celebration of their love, and this passion can truly be seen in the food.

Santa Teresa

Ristorante da Thomas takes a lot of pride in how they present their dishes, putting the art in culinary arts. Prepared so beautifully, you’ll find it hard to dig in and risk destroying the masterpiece. Expect perfectly crispy calamari followed by seared octopus flavoured with delicate herbs. Fresh fish is seared and presented with tart berries, perfect for cutting through the flavour and dancing on your tastebuds. The village has a tradition of serving raw fish, one which Ristorante da Thomas respects with dramatic flair as many of their seafood courses are delicate and uncooked.

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Ristorante da Thomas

Brezza di Mare, Cannigione

On Sardinia’s northern coast lies the famous village of Cannigione, known for its crystal clear waters and delightful atmosphere in the evening. This village will be your point of call for the first two days of your holiday, using it as a base to come back from exciting adventures during the day. This can leave you with a big appetite, so a delicious restaurant is important to find. Look no further than Brezza di Mare. Located on the seafront, the restaurant enjoys unbeaten views of the Costa Smeralda and is renowned for its hospitality and attention to detail. They pride themselves on authenticity, with specialities of lobster and seafood best enjoyed on the terrace with panoramic views.

Sardinian sunset

One of the ways in which Brezza di Mare stands out is in the way they cook food. Other than a light scattering of herbs, the majority of their dishes centre around the delicious and fresh flavours of the meat. By adding a dash of lemon and sprinkling of coriander, experience some of the most delicious seafood in Sardinia. In particular, they pride themselves on their lobster which is caught only a short distance from the beach. However, Brezza di Mare also pairs this delicious seafood with fresh pasta for a classically Italian meal. These dishes range from crisp white wine sauces to rich and garlic-infused experiences. They also serve one of the oldest wines in the Mediterranean, Cannonau, which acts as the perfect accompaniment to their food.

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Brezza di Mare

Giagoni in Piazza, San Pantaleo

Set inland and boasting a stunning backdrop of mountains, San Pantaleo brings a difference to your dining experience. Instead of crystal clear waters to gaze at, you can enjoy impressive views of the striking peaks that lie above. The small town is scattered with wonderful places to eat, but the absolute king of all these restaurants is Giagoni in Piazza. This is one of those restaurants that you save for a special occasion. What better time to go than on your gourmet cycling holiday? The restaurant is set in an old, traditional building that somehow also feels modern and elegant; white painted walls surround a chic bar that serves delicious local wine. The courtyard outside has seats arranged under an ancient olive tree, for a truly beautiful al fresco dining experience.

San Pantaleo

The food at Giagoni in Piazza is perhaps where the true experience shines through. Changing with the seasons, the menu is dynamic and relies on whatever is grown or caught that month in the region. Some of the delicious meals you could experience include red prawns flavoured with almonds and citrus as the saltiness of the sea meets the sweetness of the land. You can also enjoy a rich and nutty lamb stew with smoked ricotta cheese. Giagoni takes the traditional Sardinian cuisine and gives it a breath of fresh air, adding new flavours and redefining the old recipes. An example of this is their confit piglet, using the classic myrtle spice but also serving the dish with rich and creamy potatoes. Intimate, authentic, and full of ambience, this is a restaurant worth noting.

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Giagoni in Piazza

For more recommendations on the best restaurants in Sardinia, give us a call on 020 7471 7760, or alternatively, view our Italy cycling weekends here.

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