Cycling Holidays in France

The evening meals... my word...What a feast!

Each restaurant is unique, as individual as the hotels themselves. We choose our restaurants for the quality of their menus, but equally important are their artistic table arrangements, their posies of flowers, their gleaming cutlery and their starched table cloths.

Each restaurant offers its own regional menu, it could be gastronomic, or maybe traditional, it might include dishes with familiar names, but which taste inevitably different, or it might be suggesting something quite new.

There will be gastronomic dinners in luxurious chateau settings on one occasion and gourmet regional specialities, little tasted outside France on another.

A Gourmet Dinner is reserved for you each evening.
The hassle is taken out of sourcing great hotels, restaurants, and sights and routes to see. You know you are buying into a tried & tested brand.
Mrs Ritchie, Alsace 2009