Cycling Holidays in France

Choose from one of our 9 cycling regions in France using the left and right arrows to scroll through them...

Cycle, rest and stay as long or as little as you like.

Our most popular choice. We book two nights in each hotel with your last night back at the first hotel. Travelling on every other day, means you can rest on the days off, or if you prefer, explore the local region before returning to the same hotel in the evening.

Our one base choice.
The whole of your stay is spent in one of our regional hotels, so you really get to know your hotel owners and a tiny gorgeous part of France. It is often chosen by families where one person for some reason can’t cycle, but certainly doesn’t want to be left behind.

Short Breaks
Our mini choice: We can arrange short breaks of three or  more nights throughout our regions of France. Tell us what you would like and we will try and do it.

Divide your time between two hotels. It allows you to rest and relax or cycle and explore and you don't have the inconvenience of packing up and moving on too often.

Our energetic choice:
After 2 nights in the first hotel, you are out on the road, moving onto a different hotel each night.
It is ideal for the keen cyclist who enjoys clocking up the miles.
Region to Region taking you from one region to another - the more strenuous cycle ride between the rivers of the Tarn and Provence and the gentler ride between The Loire and Mayenne.


Usually stored at the base hotel during your holiday, 'seasoned Susis', carry their belongings in the pannier on their bike. However, in most regions where there is a convenient taxi service, suitcases can be transported from hotel to hotel at an extra cost.

Cycling holidays

The holiday does exactly what it says on the tin. Offered a unique, active holiday where we could go to our our own plan and pace.
Mr Trotter, Provence 2009