Cycling Holidays in Rivers of the Tarn

Gloriously dreamy, and tantalisingly rural.

Perfect for...even the most jaded executive who cannot resist turning off their cellphone.

Deep, deep southern France. Stunning scenery as the river, cutting through the hills, forms plunging valleys. For wine lovers there is the little known, but delicious gaillic wines, for nature lovers there are fields of butterflies, short-toed eagles and black kites. By contrast the redbricked, medieval town of Albi is a hub of activity and rich in culture with its magnificent cathedral, the Toulouse Lautrec museum, daily markets and summer concerts, while the medieval hilltop villages which dot the surrounding countryside provide glimpses of a distant past.

Our cycling holidays start and finish at  Hotel du Pont at Ambialet, which has a terrace for outdoor dining and an attractive swimming pool and breathtaking views. Our regional hotels are ***, **** and chateaux hotels and an occasional ** hotel. Two Michelin starred restaurants. Long distance itinerary from the Tarn via the Millau Bridge to Provence for the more adventurous.

Grade 1 cycling routes up and down the river between Albi and Brousse le Château. Lots of Grade 2 cycling for much of the rest of the region. Grade 3 cycling should you want to climb out of the Tarn Valley.


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