Cycling Holidays in Dordogne

Indulgent, passionate and grandiose..

Perfect for...outdoor exercise combined with self-indulgent pitstops; simply the best way to visit France.

Sunflowers, vines and ancient farm tracks, through rolling countryside with wonderful views and busy little villages. The wines of the Cotes de Duras compete nobly in the restaurants with their famous Bordeaux neighbours. The walled ‘bastide’ towns date from the 13th Century when Plantagenet Kings still ruled large swaithes of South West France. Each arcaded central square supports a small café, a baker and perhaps a tasty lunchtime restaurant. Flowers are everywhere. On market day, stalls are set up to sell regional specialities – plump , well plucked ducks, foie gras, confit, freshly picked fungi, chocolate coated prunes.

Our holidays start at the deluxe Chateau des Baudry in Monestier with its own pool and large garden.

Grade 1 for 7 nights and Grade 2 on the longer routes. Duras is on a hill, like most villages. So careful planning needed with your maps! But there are many flat valley roads through a gently rolling landscape.

The perfect addition to your holiday. Pamper yourself with a
1 or 2 night Chateau Escape in the Chateau de Bignac, near Bergerac.


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