Cycling Holidays in France

Market leaders for self-guided, tailor-made luxurious, cycling holidays
   through rural France since 1981

Our experience

'Cycling for Softies'
is still an Independent UK
Company that specialises in Cycling Holidays in France. In 1981, we founded the concept of
'Cycling for Gourmets,' basically delicious dinners
separated by gentle cycling. We have been the
market leaders for self-led, tailor-made, luxurious bike tours through rural France
ever since.

Flexible Cycling holidays

Start any day.
You can choose a date and a region and let us do the planning. Start your holiday on any day of the week and stay from 3 nights to three weeks.

Unique French Cycling holidays

Create your own personal itinerary.
We plan these together and you can cycle as much or as little as you like, moving on to your next hotel at your own pace staying for one or two nights in each, or you can choose to stay in one of our home base hotels for the whole holiday.
If you prefer you can even bring your own bicycle if you are taking your car to France.

French cycling holidays

I now intimately know every region and have personally visited all the hotels we include.
My office staff have all been working for me for numerous years and have all experienced the cycling holidays for themselves.
In France our 'on the spot assistants' are English speaking and have extensive knowledge of their region which they are delighted to be able to share with you.

1981 – 2010 and still going strong

1981 Saw the birth of Susi Madron’s  Cycling Holidays Limited. Just 24 bicycles and one hotel,
the Hotel du Commerce at Vaiges, as our first base.
1985 We won the BBC Radio 4 Enterprise Award for Small Businesses and I was honoured as
Chevalier du Bellay at Montreuil Bellay.
1987 we now had 8 regions. “Cycling for Softies’ was featured on BBC TV Holiday programme.
1990 what an exciting year. For the first time we have over 3,500 holidaymakers. I become a
Chevalier du Cahors and was awarded the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the year Award.
1991 Awarded Medaille D’Honneur Du Departement de la Mayenne.
2000 French tourism award - Maison de la France ‘Most Original Product’
2010 Now we have twelve regions, 170 hotels, 800 bicycles, 100’s of itinerary options and nearly
30 years of experience.

I invite you to explore France from a bicycle and enjoy
feeling relaxed away from the stresses of everyday life,
fitter but no guarantee of returning slimmer.

Susi Madron.